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Friday, 14 June 2013

Descriptive and Narrative Essays

Writing essays forms an integral part of any students academic career be it at undergraduate, graduate or university level. It is a way of expressive ones’ personal ideas about a given subject. 

However before writing essays, students must know the basic difference between certain types of essays. There are many types of essays and based on the subject type, the content etc. the appropriate type must be chosen. If you are confused and not sure which one to opt for we can guide you with this. Our skilled writers are very well versed with all the different types of essays and know exactly which one to use where. They will be instantly able to identify the type by just looking at the topic. They will assist you not only with their writing quality assignments but also guide you for your writing needs, clarify your doubts and help you with whatever other queries you have. We are available for students 24x7.

Descriptive and Narrative essays are among the most prominent types of essays. There are many other types too; that are closely connected however the above two are most commonly used. We shall discuss the Descriptive and Narrative type of essays and understand them better.

Descriptive Essays -   Descriptive essays as the name suggests should be descriptive in their very nature. The writer should be able to describe the subject in such a way that the reader is able to imagine and visualize the entire scene on his mind. The most important aspect of a descriptive type of essay is that the writer is able to write in such a way that it should appeal to the senses such as smell, touch, taste, hear and feel. The reader must get so engrossed and the writer should be able to make the entire subject come alive.
For eg: The pungent smell of the hot steaming cup of  coffee was so inviting, in this perfect weather as the tiny drops of rain water trickled through the window panes.

 Narrative Essays – Narrative essays also are a lot like descriptive type of essays, however there is a thin line of difference between the two. In narrative type of essay the, it should be more like telling a story of a real life or an actual incident. It should be like telling a story, however covering all the important events along the way arriving at some sort of a conclusion.
For eg: The turkey was the most delicious that I have ever had, and it only tasted better because our whole family was together at the table.

Just contact us and we will be able to assist you with all various types of essays and for all other writing requirements, helping you score excellent grades. 

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