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Monday, 27 March 2017

How to write a classification essay

Ultimate tips to write a classification essay

Some of the information that we find on the internet, in books, journals that are categorized into different categories, have tables and figures which help in differentiating between each divisions. This kind of write-up is formal in nature and called classification essay.

Classification essay is a type of expository essay which have data organised, sorted or listed into categories. It is aimed at categorizing things and evaluating them. To write a classification essay, there must be certain examples that must be included in order to explain well the categories they are split up into.
For example, we can categorize science into many categories which each being distinct from each other.

Why is classification required?
1.It is written in order to break down the complexity of a topic by classifying the things.

2.Diving the content into logical categories.

How do we write a classification essay? What are the things that must be included in order to write it? Here are 7 steps mentioned which will help in writing a classification essay. 

6  Steps to write a classification essay

1.Identify the topic:  The first thing that needs to be learned is to identify or brainstorm for a topic to write. Such topic must be chosen which can be categorized into different categories.
Different subjects have their own topic which can be written as a classification essay.

2.Find the content to categorize: A topic once chosen must be divided into different categories. This must be done at the preliminary stage so as to develop the best classification essay.

3.Analysis of each division: The elements of a classification essay must be analyzed individually taking care of content that goes into it. Each division must have a layer to it that must in-depth analysis to it.

4.Develop a thesis statement:  To build a strong essay, there are certain parameters that must be used. One of those parameters is to build a thesis statement. Thesis statement(s) are the statement(s) that establish a connection between each section in an essay.
A sentence or two of these must be added in the introduction part which must introduce the topic and build interest to read it.

5.Explain each category:  Once introduction for the topic is written, then there must be transitions to the body section.
In the body section of a classification essay, each analyzed category (which was first analyzed) must be written with strong arguments.
Each paragraph which is written should have suitable examples to illustrate the content in a better manner.

6.Write a conclusion: The final part of writing a classification essay is conclude it properly with a conclusion.
It is a critical part of an essay that must be written with a short paragraph reinstating whatever has been mentioned. The theme of an essay must be brought instead of just repeating an introduction section.
Here is a link that can be followed to know how to end an essay with a convincing conclusion.  

Things to be taken care of while writing a classification essay

1.Not creating too many categories: Care must be taken not to create too many categories. Creating too many of them will build complexity to an essay.
The aim of writing a classification essay is to break down the complexity and dividing the topic into sections which can be understood easily.

2.Transitional sentences and phrases to give clarity: Between each section, transitions play an important role in connecting them. There must be transitional sentences or phrases which will give clarity and enhance the quality of an essay.

3.Logical categories: As it is a type of formal essay, categories must be made which are logical in nature.

4.Hook statements: To grab a reader’s attention, adding hook statements are necessary. This will have a greater impact on the essay’s quality.

5.An outline for the essay: Before writing any essay, there must be an outline which must be planned. Without an outline, an essay becomes like a body without a skeleton. 

Examples topics for writing classification essays


2.Science and its categories

3.Classification of dancing style

4.Classification of movies

5.Websites and its types 

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Do’s and Don’ts for writing a narrative essay

What is a narrative essay and how to write it?

Narrative essays fall under the category of an essay which describes something about the personal experience an individual has experienced.

More than being formal, narrative essays takes the position in saying something as a story to the targeted audience. The approach to writing this is very simple, to be narrative. These kinds of essays are easier to write if a backdrop for the plot is set. There are few important things that need to be kept in mind while writing a narrative essay.

Here is the list of do’s and don’ts that should be followed while writing an essay

Do’s of a narrative essay

1.Must add sensory details: As narrative essays are more of real life experiences, much of sensory details must be added. This leads to making the audience believe in whatever is being said. Therefore much importance should be given to add personal things to it.

2.Must describe a situation: Quite similar to short stories and fiction, yet different from their writing styles, narrative essays must use suitable characters in their essays to bring liveliness in the essay.  

3.Must have a plot: Narrative essay must have its own plot which must cater to the audience with sensible story revolving.

4.Employ show don’t tell theory: Audience gets attached to a story when they experience by themselves the story that is written. This can happen only when “show don’t tell theory” is articulated.
“Show don’t tell” theory will help in bringing the characters into live action making the story even more interesting. 

5.It must bring emotions and feelings: Memories, personal experiences all have emotions and feelings hidden within them. Narrative essays should play the role of bringing these emotions and feelings into the story.  

6.Use first person (sometimes third person): When something is to be described, usually first person is used. Example “I”, “Me” etc. Second person words must be avoided as far as possible. Including first person (and third person sometimes) brings more depth to the essay.

7.Chronological order: Like a normal essay, narrative essay must have three sections, an introduction section, a body section, and a conclusion part.
In these sections, there must usage of the plot in a chronological order so that the story can be followed properly by the readers.

 8.Backdrop: A backdrop, a theme, or a background must be set so that the plot can be fit easily. The background which is provided must be constant throughout the essay.

Don’ts of a narrative essay

1.Do not generalize it: Narrative must impart a deeper understanding of the story and its characters. Hence generalizing it will only make it a substandard essay. Being specific will help in bringing depth to the essay.

2.Do not change the voice of your essay:  If an active voice is utilized in the essay, it must continue till the end. Changing tone or the voice of an essay will make it look less presentable and difficult to approach as a story.

3.Emphasize on quantity: Quality always has an upper hand over quantity. Hence emphasizing on the word count will either make it redundant or less informative. The length should be such that it should not be too much nor too less. 

4.Restate the story in the conclusion part: Conclusion to an essay is an important part. It is the crucial section which holds the whole essay together and brings justice to it. 

These are some of the do's and don'ts that must be followed while writing a narrative essay. 

Monday, 20 March 2017

Best essay writing services which are not scam

How to find essay writing services which are not scam?

Essay writing services are now a helping hand to those students who face difficulty while writing assignments. These services help them complete them on time. 

But are all essay writing services genuine? Can all of them be trusted? What makes them different from the scam websites? 

Here is a list of features that all genuine websites have in common. The links mentioned above are some of the examples of genuine websites which deliver great content within the specified time.

Features of essay writing services which are not scam:

1.Quality writers:
Genuine websites hire quality writers. These writers write high-quality write-ups for an assignment. A website which has details about the quality writers must be chosen.

2.Confidentiality policy:
Scam websites leak the confidential information of students who have ordered an assignment from them. To avoid such fraudulent websites, only those services must be selected which conceal personal information such as student name, university name and confidential information such as credit card and debit card details.

3.Unlimited revision:
An essay gets completed when it is edited and revised thoroughly. Legitimate essay writing services cater to students with unlimited revision for the assignment they order. Top quality writers edit the content until their clients are not satisfied.

4.Reliable customer service:
If there are any doubts that arise while an assignment is ordered by a student, Having a live chat support or phone services will help them in resolving their issue. Scam websites should not trusted on this aspect as they will not respond to their problems properly.

5.Best rated content:
Best websites which are not scam write content from scratch. Hence only the best rated content is delivered to the students.

6.Plagiarism free essays:
Universities do not accept essays or assignments which are plagiarized. Hence writing from scratch and researching on them before writing becomes very important. Genuine websites write plagiarism free content which only will enhance the quality of an essay.

7.Standard reference style:
Standard reference styles are to be adopted while writing an essay. These reference styles are the standard way to exhibit the content in an appropriate manner. Legitimate websites use reference styles such as MLA, APA, and Harvard etc to write a top-notch essay.

8.Money back option:
Scam websites promise to deliver the assignment ordered at right time but when they fail to keep up to the promise, they disappear without any solution.

As opposed to this, genuine websites always deliver essays at the right time and if in certain circumstances cannot do it, are open to money back option. Money back option is available in two circumstances, when the content cannot be delivered on time and when a student is not satisfied with the order received.

9.On time delivery:
Genuine essay writing services always write content which is original, written from scratch. Hence they manage to deliver best essays on time without letting students worry about the submission time.

10.Native writers:
Genuine essay writing services hire writers who are graduated from renowned native universities. This helps to a great extent as these native writers are aware of the rules and procedures followed by those native universities. This way they write better when compared to the non-native writers.

11.References and bibliography:
An essay cannot be complete without citing them with proper references. Referring to reputable sources will make an essay original and free from plagiarism.

12.No hidden charges:
Scam websites at first charge for their service at a low price, once an order is taken up, they charge further in name of different charges. Such essay writing services must be avoided and given priority to those which do not charge further.

These are few of the pointers which have to be remebered while buying essay online to make sure that you do not get cheated.

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Difference between term paper and an essay

Essay and term paper, Are they both same? 

As a student, one is familiar with the academic writing. They are usually given as assignments or may be taken up as a project. Essays and term paper may seem similar but there are few differences which make them apart.

Then what exactly are essay and term paper? 

Essay and term paper come under academic writing but not just limited to academic purpose. They have got lot more of advantages than the mere use of them to pass the exam if we focus upon their details.

An essay is a piece of writing which focuses on expressing an opinion or present facts and statistics to the readers.

Whereas a term paper is more formal in terms of writing it. More than opinions, it needs facts, statistics, and conclusions to be presented well. 

7 differences between an Essay and term paper

1.The approach:

Essays are written with an intention to present one’s opinions either using a formal language or informal language.

Term paper:
Term papers are written for an academic purpose. Though it incorporates one’s point of view, there are lesser chances of expressing opinions as only facts, statistics and scientific data must be collected and presented.


On an average when an essay is written, it can of a five paragraph format. This usually can be of 2 pages length.

Term paper:
The length of a term paper is longer than an essay as it has well-researched points which act as a proof for the arguments that are presented.

3.Research for the topic:

An essay usually can go up to 5000 words or less than that, thus less term is required to write on the given topic.

Term paper:
For writing a term paper, more focus is required for researching the topic, finding reputable sources for finding the information. This will require more time. 

4.Focus on:

When an essay is written, focus is more towards the writing skills and how well the information is represented with good use of words.

Thus whenever an essay is written, there is a demand for great writing skills.

Term paper:
The purpose of writing a term paper is to gather knowledge and an outcome of great skills that were learned during the research.Thus it is more important here to represent knowledge through words than merely writing skills. 

5.Writing style adopted

Essays are of different types; narrative, descriptive, argumentative. All being different from each other requires different writing styles to be adopted.

While narrative and descriptive essays are to be written in an informal language, argumentative essays need to be formal in nature providing strong arguments with supporting points added to it.

Term paper:
Term papers are exclusively written for the academic purpose which supports more facts and statistics. Therefore formal writing which includes references and citations to reputable sources is used while writing a term paper.

6.Critical thinking:

Critical thinking is used in an essay to determine or express perspectives. Hence more concentration should be given towards adopting the writing style that expresses more.

Term paper:
Critical thinking is required to analyze, synthesize materials and draw conclusions while a term paper is written.

7.Type of writing:

Most of the essays are opinion based and included personal views than references It need not support facts and thesis unless has researchable topics.

Term paper:
Term papers are more focused towards real facts and representation of raw data. Hence the type of writing will have information collected via surveys, interviews, and questionnaires 

These are the differences which creates a fine line between an essay and a term paper.

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Paying someone to write my research paper

Can I pay someone to write my research paper?

Writing research paper is one of the challenging tasks that students face when studying in universities and colleges. 

Proper reference, good write-up, adhering to formatting and submitting them on time; this leads to increasing pressure on students.

Who can write my research paper?

Essay writing services can reduce the stress level of the students. These services can write your research papers for you. They are the online writing services which provide assignments, research proposals, essay writing and much more at an affordable price.

Students can trust these services to write the assignments for them. What are the reasons to buy research papers for them? Can a student pay for a research paper? Read along to know more. 

Quality checks that should be made while paying someone to write your research paper. 

1.Quality content:
For quality writing, essay writing services can be relied upon. They keep up the quality by writing unique content which fits into the universities requirements.

2.Proper reference:
 Writing is complete only when it contains proper references for further readings. These are required to create non-plagiarized write-ups. Essay writing services include them in each of their writing.

3.Top writers:
 The top most feature of any essay writing service is their writers. They hire writers who have the highest educational background. Thus, it only produces good quality content.

4.Adapting to different reference style:
Different universities have different reference styles. Keeping in mind each of these requirements, the writers at the essay writing service adapt themselves to the styles thereby increasing the quality of the assignment.

5.On time submission:
Everybody likes who are punctual. Being punctual enough to submit the assignment is a great task for the students. If an assignment is submitted to the essay writing service, they give back the assignment on time without much hassle.

6.Revision for the work:
There are few trusted websites which care for the students. They aim for customer satisfaction, hence if the student has any doubts or wants the work to be revised, can do it feeling free. This is a value for money as they do not charge anything for the extra revision done on the work.

7.Communication between writers and clients:
Being in contact with the client for any clarification is a sign of prompt service. Here too in online writing service, they keep in touch with the clients to be sure they are matching the relevant requirements or not.

8.Subject expertise:
Research paper requires learning topics for writing the detailed explanation in the paper being presented. For this professional help is required, the writers who write the paper are the subject experts and have the hold on the research topic they write. Hence paying them for the research paper is not a bad decision.

9.Professional guidance:
The benefit of paying for the service comes with the advantage of guidance from a professional. This gives the students the idea to present the paper in a better way.

10.They provide writing which becomes reference:
Writers provide the write up to the student which should be used as a guidance to complete their work. But in contrast to this, the original write-up itself is submitted by the students to the universities which is why they get caught. References make it simpler to write them in a proper manner. 

With much of the scams and fraud that are happening on the Internet these days, these are few of the ways through which excellent and genuine essay writing services can be trusted to pay for. 

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Tips for writing best essays

How to write best essays?

Writing an essay involves formal writing. This comes under academic writing hence requires more of procedures to be followed. Writing an essay can be for different reasons and under various circumstances. With varying situations, an essay must be adapted to accordingly.

15 easy tips for writing best essays effortlessly

1.Proper structure:
Needless to say, an essay must follow certain rules. One such rule is to follow a prescribed structure. How a skeleton is for a body; the structure is for an essay. This acts as a template for creating the best essay.
Usually, the structure of an essay consists of an introduction part, body section, and a conclusion part.

2.Executing the idea into words:
An essay must depict the idea of the topic through words. The execution part works well only if the principle of organizing the idea works; thus giving way to the best essay.

3.Direct and must answer to the question:
The idea of the best essay comes out well when the topic is given the full justification. To the question being asked (or the choice of topic) the answer must be direct and to the point(nobody likes if there is a beat around the bush). A strong opinion created in the essay will leave a lasting impression on the readers. 

4.Revise and edit the work:
An essay never gets completed without revising and editing it.Click here to know more about editing an essay. It is very important towards creating an effective, well-written and error-free essay. Proofreading essays bring more clarity to it.

5.Detailing in the content:
As above mentioned, an essay must contain information in a proper structure; the content that is filled in must also serve the exact purpose.
The content must be compelling and at the same time, more detailed. This gives an essay to speak out loud.

6.Serving the purpose:
Every essay which is written (regardless of the form in which it is written) must serve a purpose. For example, writing style for writing a college application essay might differ from that of an essay given as an assignment. Essay writing competition will have its own criteria.
For each type, the same rule follows, to serve the purpose for which it is being written. This gives a better essay to exhibit.

7.Brainstorm about the topic:
If essays are given as assignments to complete, they come along with a topic. But for college application essay, you might need to find your own topics.
In such cases, brainstorming for idea works. There are several ways of brainstorming for an idea. Here are a few that can be followed.

8.Develop the essay based on the thesis statement:
The best tip to follow while writing an essay is to build it based on the basis of a the thesis. A thesis statement will give a strong foundation for writing a good essay.
This should be included in the introductory part which continues along the body section and concludes with the conclusion.

9.Opinion expressed must be strong and convincing:
Every essay that is written will have an outlook on the topic written. This must be proposed well as it becomes an opinion for the readers to read.
Hence the opinions that are formed in an essay must strong and convincing enough to tell the public in large. Withholding to that opinion from the beginning till the end becomes a critical consent.  

 10.Serve with facts and information:
As essay writing is a category of formal writing, it must contain facts and information. Fiction is not encouraged hence more of realistic approach is to be adapted.

11.Show don’t tell theory:
This philosophy works in an apt manner here. More of actions, emotions must be drawn out of an essay instead of just including a description, summarization.

12.Use references and bibliography wherever necessary:
Best essays are the one which includes the information written by referring to reputable sources. Referring to those sources along with bibliography will enhance the readability and increase the quality of an essay.

13.Proper use of words:
Formal writing strongly discourages the use of contractions like can’t, shouldn’t, won’t. There also must minimal or no use of jargons.

14.Formatting styles to be used:

Proper margin, appropriate font styles, double sized spaces; these are few of the example of formatting styles which must be utilized to get the best essay.

15.Breaking down the complexity:
All said these tips above will make way for an extraordinary essay. But that must take out the simplicity from it. Some students tend to add high-end language or stuff too much of complex information entangling it in itself.
To avoid such situation, the essay must be broken down into easy bits yet which is organized in a proper manner. 

These are few of the effective tips assembled to write an essay 

Monday, 27 February 2017

How to get an essay of a high quality

Is it possible to buy an essay of high quality?

To score high in the term, students must regularly attend classes, indulge in extracurricular activities and submit their assignments on time. Writing a research paper or an essay requires lot of expertise and formal writing. To present the essays of high quality some guidance is required.Several online resources are available to guide the students. Essay writing services are such services which delivers essays of high quality.

How to buy an essay of high quality?

With hundreds of essay writing services available; how to find the best essay writing services? What are the factors that need to be considered to buy best essay? And most importantly is it possible to buy an essay of high quality?

The answer is YES. Essay of high quality can be brought online. But the question is how to find them? There must be certain qualities of an essay which needs to be taken note of while buying it. 

Notable points to be considered while buying high quality essays

 1.Non-plagiarized content:
 A high quality essay comprises of unique content. Fraudulent websites pass off the essays which are paraphrased or copied from other sources
High quality essays are written from scratch by the expert writers whose writing samples can be found on the website. Such trusted websites deliver non plagiarized content.  

2.Copyright policy:
A service that writes custom papers and gives students the copyright for the content is a trusted website. Because students buy their assignments online, they have the right over the content hence high quality essays are obtained.  

3.Uses standard reference style like MLA, APA, Harvard:
Each university has set of parameters in forming the structure of an essay. Standard examples of reference style are MLA, APA, Harvard.  
This resembles writing a high quality essay. Best essay writing services are those which adhere to such reference style and bring the best out of an essay.

4.Uses proper references and bibliography:
A non plagiarized content consists of unique, error free sentences. The quality of an essay is also measured in terms of proper references and bibliography used. To mark an essay’s originality, quality writers refer to numerous resources and create unique content.

5.Writing quality essay from scratch:
Good essay writing services deliver best essays because they are written from the scratch. Such written essays pass the plagiarism test and hence students need not worry about getting caught. 

6.Writers having excellent academic qualifications:
Best quality essays can be written if the writer has exceptional writing skills. Only such essay writing service must be chosen which hires writers with excellent academic qualifications.

 7.Subject Expertise:
Writing research papers specifically requires subject expertise. The topic to be written must be researched well before. Only subject experts can write an excellent essay. Such websites must be chosen which hires subject experts.

8.Native speaker:
It is advised to buy from an essay writing service which hires native writers because of their understanding on the university standards and the requirements. Hence getting a term paper from the native language speakers adds quality to the essay. 

With so many essay writing services found on the Internet, we do believe it is difficult to choose the best one to get an essay of high quality. But we strongly believe that the points mentioned above will definitely help in buying them the next time.