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Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Essay and its types.

What are the different types of essays? 

Essays are the part of writing which tells about the universe and its belongings. They can be the assignment that is assigned, the competition that we take part in. Essays are a predominant part of the writing world to express something. Having said this, there are varied kinds of essays which are described. Below you will find the different kinds of essays and the purpose that they serve. Each being important, they are very much different from each other.

For every kind of writing, it demands different writing style. With different writing style, there comes the responsibility of balancing out the information, facts and the kind of emotion that is to be added up. Beneath are given the types of essay and the style they refer to. The essays are broadly classified into four categories. They are:

Types of essays and their importance:

 1.Narrative essay

 2.Persuasive essay

 3.Expository essay

 4.Descriptive essay

1.Narrative essay:
It is like putting stories onto the board. Narrative essays are the stories which represent something that can be shared, or a memory which is lost in the lot. Bringing them back through words in an informal way is an attempt to write a narrative essay. It is basically words woven together often describing the personal experiences or an insight on the incident that happened before your eyes. The essay that is to be written must be narrative in nature.

A tale is retained through words which use “I and me” to engage the readers probably because it adds a personal touch to the experience of a particular writer. The essay should be descriptive enough and concise at the same time, holding the length and breadth of the story. It shouldn’t be too long managing to just tell your story but lengthy enough to give an insight to what can be learned from the story.  

2.Persuasive essay:
More than being narrative, it lets the writer persuade an opinion or an idea onto the reader. Moreover, there must be strong evidence and points which support your writing. The writing must be powerful enough to hold the audience with a strong point which should be done with ease confidence.

This kind of writing requires more facts, quotes, statistics and data that prove the credibility of the point being put on. It must be either for or against the issue chosen. Then what follows up is building convincing essay and taking a stand for the point that you have chosen.

Persuasive essays are not hard to write but just take more of formal writing and sticking to the point throughout the essay without deviating to the point.

3.Expository essay: 
This type of essay is predominantly useful in academic writing which uses more of facts to represent information. Expository essays include proper structure and a thesis statement which lets the reader know about the information being put forth.

Here, opinions are less entertained as more of information is given. A second or third person is been suggested to use to be more specific. The words were written must give valid information. The essay part should be more subjective giving more information based on facts. There is no place for emotions or any kind of personal information that can be filled in this kind of essay.

4.Descriptive essay:
More or less like a narrative essay, a descriptive essay is also a form of an essay which describes a particular person, place or a thing.

Describing an incident or an experience that happened in a place, with a person or with a thing is all about descriptive essays. Emotions are poured more here giving a personal touch to the writing. It follows more of “show don’t tell” philosophy; it must induce reader’s interest into the words that are put up. It is a canvas in a painter’s hand. The words must flow describing the event or a situation.

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