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Thursday, 2 March 2017

Tips for writing best essays

How to write best essays?

Writing an essay involves formal writing. This comes under academic writing hence requires more of procedures to be followed. Writing an essay can be for different reasons and under various circumstances. With varying situations, an essay must be adapted to accordingly.

15 easy tips for writing best essays effortlessly

1.Proper structure:
Needless to say, an essay must follow certain rules. One such rule is to follow a prescribed structure. How a skeleton is for a body; the structure is for an essay. This acts as a template for creating the best essay.
Usually, the structure of an essay consists of an introduction part, body section, and a conclusion part.

2.Executing the idea into words:
An essay must depict the idea of the topic through words. The execution part works well only if the principle of organizing the idea works; thus giving way to the best essay.

3.Direct and must answer to the question:
The idea of the best essay comes out well when the topic is given the full justification. To the question being asked (or the choice of topic) the answer must be direct and to the point(nobody likes if there is a beat around the bush). A strong opinion created in the essay will leave a lasting impression on the readers. 

4.Revise and edit the work:
An essay never gets completed without revising and editing it.Click here to know more about editing an essay. It is very important towards creating an effective, well-written and error-free essay. Proofreading essays bring more clarity to it.

5.Detailing in the content:
As above mentioned, an essay must contain information in a proper structure; the content that is filled in must also serve the exact purpose.
The content must be compelling and at the same time, more detailed. This gives an essay to speak out loud.

6.Serving the purpose:
Every essay which is written (regardless of the form in which it is written) must serve a purpose. For example, writing style for writing a college application essay might differ from that of an essay given as an assignment. Essay writing competition will have its own criteria.
For each type, the same rule follows, to serve the purpose for which it is being written. This gives a better essay to exhibit.

7.Brainstorm about the topic:
If essays are given as assignments to complete, they come along with a topic. But for college application essay, you might need to find your own topics.
In such cases, brainstorming for idea works. There are several ways of brainstorming for an idea. Here are a few that can be followed.

8.Develop the essay based on the thesis statement:
The best tip to follow while writing an essay is to build it based on the basis of a the thesis. A thesis statement will give a strong foundation for writing a good essay.
This should be included in the introductory part which continues along the body section and concludes with the conclusion.

9.Opinion expressed must be strong and convincing:
Every essay that is written will have an outlook on the topic written. This must be proposed well as it becomes an opinion for the readers to read.
Hence the opinions that are formed in an essay must strong and convincing enough to tell the public in large. Withholding to that opinion from the beginning till the end becomes a critical consent.  

 10.Serve with facts and information:
As essay writing is a category of formal writing, it must contain facts and information. Fiction is not encouraged hence more of realistic approach is to be adapted.

11.Show don’t tell theory:
This philosophy works in an apt manner here. More of actions, emotions must be drawn out of an essay instead of just including a description, summarization.

12.Use references and bibliography wherever necessary:

Best essays are the one which includes the information written by referring to reputable sources. Referring to those sources along with bibliography will enhance the readability and increase the quality of an essay.

13.Proper use of words:
Formal writing strongly discourages the use of contractions like can’t, shouldn’t, won’t. There also must minimal or no use of jargons.

14.Formatting styles to be used:

Proper margin, appropriate font styles, double sized spaces; these are few of the example of formatting styles which must be utilized to get the best essay.

15.Breaking down the complexity:
All said these tips above will make way for an extraordinary essay. But that must take out the simplicity from it. Some students tend to add high-end language or stuff too much of complex information entangling it in itself.
To avoid such situation, the essay must be broken down into easy bits yet which is organized in a proper manner. 

These are few of the effective tips assembled to write an essay 

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