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Monday, 27 March 2017

How to write a classification essay

Ultimate tips to write a classification essay

Some of the information that we find on the internet, in books, journals that are categorized into different categories, have tables and figures which help in differentiating between each divisions. This kind of write-up is formal in nature and called classification essay.

Classification essay is a type of expository essay which have data organised, sorted or listed into categories. It is aimed at categorizing things and evaluating them. To write a classification essay, there must be certain examples that must be included in order to explain well the categories they are split up into.
For example, we can categorize science into many categories which each being distinct from each other.

Why is classification required?
1.It is written in order to break down the complexity of a topic by classifying the things.

2.Diving the content into logical categories.

How do we write a classification essay? What are the things that must be included in order to write it? Here are 7 steps mentioned which will help in writing a classification essay. 

6  Steps to write a classification essay

1.Identify the topic:  The first thing that needs to be learned is to identify or brainstorm for a topic to write. Such topic must be chosen which can be categorized into different categories.
Different subjects have their own topic which can be written as a classification essay.

2.Find the content to categorize: A topic once chosen must be divided into different categories. This must be done at the preliminary stage so as to develop the best classification essay.

3.Analysis of each division: The elements of a classification essay must be analyzed individually taking care of content that goes into it. Each division must have a layer to it that must in-depth analysis to it.

4.Develop a thesis statement:  To build a strong essay, there are certain parameters that must be used. One of those parameters is to build a thesis statement. Thesis statement(s) are the statement(s) that establish a connection between each section in an essay.
A sentence or two of these must be added in the introduction part which must introduce the topic and build interest to read it.

5.Explain each category:  Once introduction for the topic is written, then there must be transitions to the body section.
In the body section of a classification essay, each analyzed category (which was first analyzed) must be written with strong arguments.
Each paragraph which is written should have suitable examples to illustrate the content in a better manner.

6.Write a conclusion: The final part of writing a classification essay is conclude it properly with a conclusion.
It is a critical part of an essay that must be written with a short paragraph reinstating whatever has been mentioned. The theme of an essay must be brought instead of just repeating an introduction section.
Here is a link that can be followed to know how to end an essay with a convincing conclusion.  

Things to be taken care of while writing a classification essay

1.Not creating too many categories: Care must be taken not to create too many categories. Creating too many of them will build complexity to an essay.
The aim of writing a classification essay is to break down the complexity and dividing the topic into sections which can be understood easily.

2.Transitional sentences and phrases to give clarity: Between each section, transitions play an important role in connecting them. There must be transitional sentences or phrases which will give clarity and enhance the quality of an essay.

3.Logical categories: As it is a type of formal essay, categories must be made which are logical in nature.

4.Hook statements: To grab a reader’s attention, adding hook statements are necessary. This will have a greater impact on the essay’s quality.

5.An outline for the essay: Before writing any essay, there must be an outline which must be planned. Without an outline, an essay becomes like a body without a skeleton. 

Examples topics for writing classification essays


2.Science and its categories

3.Classification of dancing style

4.Classification of movies

5.Websites and its types 

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