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Thursday, 30 March 2017

How to write a deductive essay

Tips for writing the best deductive essay

Meaning of deductive: Deductive means to be characterized by or based on the interference of particular instances from a general law.
Being a formal essay, a deductive essay is an essay which deduces points to come to a conclusion based on several factors, facts, and statistics. The baseline for any deductive essay is the deductive reasoning process.

What is Deductive reasoning process?
Deductive reasoning process is a logical process of deducing several factors into specific information. While discovering a new piece of information, general points or facts are deduced into a more specific one. To know more about deductive reasoning process, click here.

Characteristics of a deductive essay

1.Must have facts: Facts, without any alterations made to it, must be presented; this is the basics of writing a deductive essay. These must be measured well in advance.  

2.Must be objective: Critical thinking and objective analysis are required when a deductive essay is being written as deductive reasoning comes into picture here.

3.Must be focused: Focus on the topic and the facts are important while writing a deductive essay.

4.Should have clarity: There must be clarity while presenting information, there is no place for opinions that can be formed on own.

5.Deductive argument: Arguments are an important aspect while writing an essay. Deductive arguments are necessary while proving the facts that are placed in a deductive essay. 

6.Strong thesis statement:  For every argument that is present, there must be a strong thesis statement, so as to deduce points to a strong conclusion. 

4 ultimate resources to write a deductive essay

1.Choose a topic: To write an essay, there must be a valid topic that must be chosen. There are numerous resources available to find topics to write an essay.

2.Writing a premise: The basic part of a deductive essay is a premise. Premise is a fact or a belief that is established in order to come to a conclusion. Premise is a fundamental fact that must have its supporting argument.
Example of a premise: Smoking is injurious to health.
Here the basic premise must be taken into consideration and have supporting arguments to it.

3. Writing evidence: Once a premise is written, it must have proper evidence built for it. The piece of information which is gained after critical analysis, observation is called evidence. Additional examples, facts, statistics can be included in order to support evidence. 

4.Writing a conclusion: The last part of an essay is to conclude it properly. Deductive essay’s primary intention is to deduce collected points to a conclusion; this must be done in this section.
With the help of all the arguments, evidence, premise, and hook statements, conclusion must be written.
Care must be taken not to reinstate of the following but having their essence present while writing the conclusion.  

Example topics of deductive essays

1.Technology in classroom
2.Street smart v/s Book smart
3.Einstein’s  relativity theory.
4.Disadvantages of consuming tobacco
5.Online education and courses 

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