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Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Importance of paragraphs in an essay and how to form them

Why are paragraphs given more importance? 

In order to express or communicate something, we either use voice or words. Words are utilized for expressing emotions, opinions and facts.
Letters are formed as words, words as phrases, phrases into sentences. The group of sentences will together form a paragraph. It becomes important to arrange these sentences into paragraphs.

Why a paragraph?
It is very important to break an essay into sections or parts called as paragraphs. But why is it so important to segregate information? Follow this article to know more!

Importance of paragraphs in an essay

1.Paragraphs are formed for maintaining logical connection between sentences of an essay.

2.Sentences when are connected together gives a coherent and proper meaning.

3.Sentences represents information but they are given the right meaning only when they are structured into a proper format called as a paragraph.

4.Well combined sentences (called as a paragraph) must be written so that it reaches the targeted audience with the intended content to be delivered.

5.It contributes to the success of an essay. An essay is well read only when it has the quality of readability and easy accessibility to the information.

For example: An essay with researched information of 500 word length is written without any structure is less read when compared to an essay with the same researched information which is structured. A structure should have break points, spaces between groups of sentences.

Elements of a paragraph:

The important elements of a paragraph are:

1.Thesis statements- These are the statements which focuses on the topic or an idea and brings limelight to it. These must be given special attention as they  help in building logical connection to the essay.

2.Hook statements- To grab reader’s attention, hook statements must be added. These hook statements are necessary so that it keeps the essay interesting to read.

3.Arguments- Arguments are the important and largest part of the body section of an essay. An argumentative essay must have these arguments to support or have evidence for the point being laid down.
Arguments are nothing but set of statements which proves the credibility of an idea that is approached. Also called as a claim, an argument should be backed by facts, figures, statistics, and subordinating points. 

4.Transitional sentences-  An essay can be logically connected together when they are connected using transitional sentences. These are the sentences or phrases that must be utilized to build connection between each paragraph.

5.Topic sentence: A topic sentence in a paragraph is the main idea which focuses on the topic which is being written.
It is usually written as the first sentence of a paragraph.

Best tips to form paragraphs for an essay

1.Grouping like minded sentences: To form a paragraph, the most important thing to remember is to have logical connection. Each sentence in a paragraph must have a correlation with each the other sentence.
Hence building likeminded sentences to form a paragraph is very important.

2.Short paragraphs: The best tip to write an effective paragraph is to have short and concise length. It is often thought that bigger the length of a paragraph, the more powerful it is for an essay.
Contrary to this belief, each paragraph should have not more than 10-15 sentences. This will allow in having space for the information and will improve the readability also. 

3.Divide it as structures-  An essay with a structure holds more weight than the one with no structure. A structure to an essay will give it a shape and makes it easier to read it.
An essay of a structure consists of three sections namely, an introduction section, a body section and a conclusion part.

4.Group the sentences: An essay must be structured in the order of a sequence. If they are formed without any sequence, it becomes illogical giving less chance for quality.

5.Include the elements to create paragraphs: The above mentioned elements that is, thesis statements, hook statements, arguments, topic sentences, and transitional sentences must be included while writing a paragraph.

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