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Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Best tips to learn English as a second language

How to learn English as a second language? Is it easy enough?

English is one of the languages which has become popular worldwide. It has become the necessary language to communicate in the business world. Most of the people of different nations do not have English as their first language.
There are several ways through which English language can be learned. It should not be difficult to learn English as a second language. Here are few tips that are presented which will help in learning the language in an entertaining way.

14 Best tips to learn English as a second language

1.Practise reading more novels: Reading has many benefits to it. It opens up the imagination as well new ideas which can help in building vocabulary to speak well.
Novels are a great way to start reading. Click here to know more advantage of reading novels.

2.Start speaking in English language: To improve on anything, there must be a start for it. To improve the English language skills, you must start speaking in it which will improve your confidence and speaking ability. There’s always a room for improvement.  

3.Learn 5 new words each day: Learning new words each day will improve your vocabulary and the same time will give the confidence to use those words while speaking. List those 5 words each day regularly so that they can be used. 

4.Play games: There are several games available which are designed specially to improve the language. Vocabulary building games such as crossword puzzles and scrabble are suggested to play which builds confidence as well as word list. They are available both online as well as physical board games which can be used.

5.Watch English movies and serials: One of the easiest and entertaining way to learn English language is to watch English movies and serials. Not only speaking abilities but listening abilities must be improved.
It is suggested to watch the ones which have subtitles to understand it in a better manner at the start.
6.Download an application: In this digital era, there are numerous ways to improve on the language. Various applications can be found on the digital marketplace which focuses on teaching English. The biggest advantage is that they come for free of cost.

7.Start journaling your thoughts: Journaling is the best way to express the words that are unsaid. To learn a new language or improve it, it is suggested to journal your thoughts or what you have learned. This way, it becomes easier to learn English language.

8.Watch videos on the internet: Popular websites have an access to videos which help in learning
English language. These videos help in teaching the language as well as using it in an appropriate manner.

9.Listen more: Listening constantly and registering those words into your brain will let you remember the words in an efficient way. This not only increases listening abilities but also increases the confidence to spell the word right.

10.Prepare flash cards: Flash cards or sticky notes is one more way of learning English language. They can be used to register a word which can be noted down and later on use them to revise on those words.

11.Use online tutorials: There are many websites which teach English language. Apart from the videos there will be text, image, audio which are also ways to learn the language. Specific websites also have their own courses that are offered for free or nominal charge which should be used.

 12.Do not get demotivated: There might be time when you get demotivated because of lack of time or some other hindrance. Such issues must be kept aside; it only keeps you away from learning through the mistake.

13.Translate each line:  Language can be learned if they are translated to your mother tongue. This will help in correlating to the language thereby making it easier to remember the words.

14.Read more newspaper and magazine: Regularly reading newspaper and magazine will allow to learn new words, have a check on the sentence structure and the way information is delivered.  

These are few of the tips that can be used to learn English as a second language

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