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Friday, 21 April 2017

How to write creatively

How to write brilliantly?

Writing is a form of creativity. Creativity is all about playing with words and random creation of words to form a write-up. It should not be hard to write creatively. There might be some time when it is difficult to cope up with writing creatively.
Here are a few tips that will help you to write creatively.

Top 15 ways to write creatively

1.Read as much as possible: To write creatively, it is very important to read. Reading induces the interest to learn. Learning always makes a room for creativity. Hence different kinds of books, magazines, newspapers must be read and made into habit.

2.Maintain a journal so that you can have a track of your ideas: Once you start reading, it automatically creates an interest write something.
To write down what you feel, it is suggested to maintain a journal which will records all the ideas to write creatively.

3.Brainstorm for ideas: To write creatively, there must be ideas. Ideas can come only when they are brainstormed for. There are many resources which will help in generating ideas for writing.
Different techniques must be adopted to write effectively and creatively.

4.Be observant and catch inspiring things: Creativity increases if they are captured from random moments. Hence it is important to be observant Look around you, look within you might find a change or a breath of fresh air which will inspire you to write well.

5.Play with words: To write creatively you need to play with words. Words come out when they are stored inside the mind. Learn new words, do not fear to express.

6.Work out on your emotions: Emotions play a vital role in writing. They must be given a closer look so that it does not an adverse effect on your writing.

There must be a balance in your emotions which will work out well to write creatively.

7.Try different genres: Effective writing reflects when your writing style is adopted to different genres. It will be a challenge to try horror, romance, and scienctfic fiction with your creativity.

8.Improve your vocabulary: To write well, vocabulary must be improved. To enhance it, you must learn new words, read thesaurus, glance on different words that you come across.

9.Carve out the characters: To write a short story, it is mandatory to believe in your work. The characters in the essay must be carved out properly. These can make it more readable.

10.Hook the readers with the hook statement: To make a write-up look interesting, hook statements must be added. These hook statements are the anchor to your writing which will hold the reader’s attention.

11.Concentrate on the voice of your write-up: Every writing has a voice associated to it. Identify yours. The other dimension to the voice of writing is active voice or passive voice. Experiment with both type of voice.

12.Structure your write-up: Every write-up will have a structure. Concentration must be given to structure the write-up. It generally includes an introduction section, body section and a conclusion section.

13.Use of pictures: To get better ideas for writing, it is suggested to use pictures.
Pictures depict lot of things which can inspire you to write creatively.

14.Try word generator tool: If your mind is struck with no words to write. It is always handy to use word generator available online. These tools will generate random words which can be picked up to write effectively.

15.Review and edit the write-up: The last tip to write creatively is to review and edit the write-up.It is crucial enough to edit it properly.

These are few of the tips that can used to write creatively. 

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