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Monday, 17 April 2017

How to win an essay contest

How to write an essay in contest? The secret of winning an essay contest

By far, it is assumed that it is difficult to win an essay contest. With many competitors it sure does seem like that. But there is a secret to everything in this world. Likewise, an essay contest too can be won if the secret of winning it is revealed.
How easy or how difficult it is to win an essay contest is not the objective but representing your thoughts through words is more important and considered superior while participating in an essay writing contest.
Here we present 13 simple yet effective rules that should be followed while participating in an essay writing contest.

13 Golden rules to follow while writing an essay for a contest

1.Know the rules: The first golden rule is to know the rules. It becomes necessary to know what the essay contest rules are even before participating in it.
Carefully reading the rules will help in knowing how to write an essay and therefore can be a hidden secret to win the contest.

2.Give creativity a priority: Based on the type of essay contest, it is necessary to give creativity a priority. Most of the essay writing contest can be descriptive, narrative. With such essay types, creativity should always be given a priority. The more creative the essay is, better are the chances to win it.

3.Place your own opinion: The motive of writing an essay is to have your own opinions. Placing your own opinions fearlessly helps in creating confidence thereby can make way for a successful essay.

4.Hook them : An essay must be written in such a way that it creates interest towards reading it. To create an interest, there must be hook statements added to it. Hook statements are the statements which must be added in the introductory paragraph to catch reader’s attention. Here is a link on how to write hook statements.

5.Every section must have its own essence: In general, an essay has three sections; an introduction section, a body section, and a conclusion section. Every section must be properly covered retaining its essence. This is one of the best tips that can be followed.

6.Give importance to thesis statement: Another principle element that must be added into your essay is the thesis statement. Thesis statement sums up the main idea of the essay in a few sentences. This must be continued and linked with each section through transitional sentences.  

7.Fit into the type of essay to be write: An essay must be written based on the type. Essays are of two types; formal essay and informal essay.
 Formal essay have to follow the procedure and adhere to the use of formal language. Whereas informal essay can have its own flow, the writer is liberal to put on his thinking hat to write up.

8.Use the right tone: There must be a balance in the use of tone. There appears different tone that must be utilized properly in an essay. To know more about it, click here.

9.Know the basics of writing an essay:  The basic rule to write an essay is to find the topic, research about it and create an outline. Once an outline is created, it becomes easy to start writing the essay.

10.Edit your essay: Once the essay has been written, it must be edited twice or thrice. Editing is a stage of writing which is important as it involves omitting excess information and adding more information.

11.Proofread it: The last stage if an essay is the proofreading stage. In this stage, a final check is given to the write-up. There might be silliest errors or minute changes that need to be made; these are rectified while it is being proofread.

12.Adapt to “show don’t tell theory”: The show don’t tell theory can be practically implemented while writing an essay. An essay is a powerful platform to showcase emotions; this mentioned theory will help in channelizing emotions effectively.

13.Flow with the flow: An essay must have flow in it. Having a flow or proper transitions will help in attracting more readers towards it.

These are few of the tips assembled on how to win an essay contest.

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