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Monday, 10 April 2017

How to write a formal email

What is the best way to write a formal email?

Business always requires a formal way to communicate. The best communication between two parties is the email (called as electronic mail).

It is one of the formal business communication which has now become an important aspect to learn and to it adhering to its respective rules. It has certainly become necessary to learn the etiquettes of writing an email the business way. How to write a formal email? What are the procedures to be followed? Follow this article to know more!

6 easy steps to write a formal email

1.Write the subject matter properly: Any business email or a formal email starts with the subject matter. It is very important to know the subject matter and presenting in a concise manner.
For example:
Example 1: Subject: Leave application for being unwell
Example 2: Subject: With regards to publishing the content

2.Write a proper salutation: The next part of a business email is to write a proper salutation. Salutation means to greet somebody in a formal or informal manner according to the circumstances in which the letter is being written. (In this case, informal salutations are to be used)

Example1: Respected Sir/Madam,
Example2: Dear Mr.Jone,
Example3: Hello,

3.State the exact purpose of writing the mail: The important point to be noticed is to state the exact reason of writing the mail. It must not be ambiguous to understand nor should it end abruptly without delivering the necessary message.

4.Write the body of the email: The body of the mail is an important part. This must be written with absolute accuracy, at the same time must be able to communicate the message properly.
The body section usually consists of two or three paragraphs which will have all the content to be communicated.

5.Conclude with proper conclusion: Once the body of an essay is written, the next step is to conclude an email in a proper manner.
Conclusive words such as regards, Thanks, yours faithfully, yours obediently must be utilized. This way a formal gets concluded in an accurate manner. 

6.Sign off with your name:  The last part of a formal email is the name of the sender. It is a significant part which has to be mentioned duly.

Tips to consider while writing a formal email

1.Use the business language-  Being a business mail, it is necessary to use business language. There is an encouragement to use formal language and certain use of language which promotes business communication.

2.Be concise and accurate: A professional tip to be considered while writing a formal mail is to be concise and accurate. The purpose of writing a business mail is to be specific target the topic or content which is intended to be delivered.  

3.Contractions are to be avoided: Contractions like Dr, Sr, I’ll, we’re must be avoided. It is considered  informal if these contractions are used in a business mail.
As the mail and its content represent an organization and the party which is communicating, it is termed as being unprofessional to use such contractions.

4.Slangs, jargons are to be avoided: Similar to contractions, slangs and jargons are to be strictly avoided too for the same reason in a professional mail.

5.Send attachments if any in zip format: It is advised to send attachments in zip format.

6.Being polite is very important: The number one rule to be followed while writing a formal mail is to be polite while information is being communicated. It is professional to add words which are polite and humble in nature.  

Common structure of a formal email

The following is a sample business email which has all the elements that were discussed in the article.




Subject: ________________________________________________

Respected sir/Madam,

________________The body of the mail________________________

Your name

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